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Factory Solid celebrated its 29th anniversary on November 4, 2023.  Over these years, we have gained significant experience in the manufacturing of the high-quality products standing out of the competitive products. The principal directions of production are:

  • Paintable skirting boards made of impact resistant polystyrene; 
  • Decorative materials: a wide variety of ceiling tiles, crown moldings, ceiling rosettes made of  expanded polystyrene, many of which have exclusive, patented design; 
  • Laminate underlay: from roll and sheet underlays to accordion-folded underlays of different thicknesses, inclusive innovative underlays for LVT, SPC, WPC floors, underlays for underfloor heating both water-based and infrared, composite polymer underlays manufactured under the original Finnish technology, and many other types. Moreover, the range of products includes floor waterproofing materials; 
  • Folded panels for interfloor sound insulation; 
  • Glues and mastics;
  • Foam board.

We carefully choose raw materials; constantly control all stages of production, which let us ensure the high quality of our products. The staff of the manufacturing facility is presented by the highly qualified specialists with a long experience.  

Currently, the factory Solid has production in Russia, as well as warehouses with the possibility of shipment in different regions of the Russian Federation, and production and warehouses in Belarus. More than 40% of products are exported to the countries of the former CIS, Western and Eastern Europe, as well as to non-CIS countries.

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