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Our company has acquired great experience for almost 25 years of manufacturing the high-quality products favorably different from competitors. Many of our products have no analogues within Russia. It is in particular the innovative ACCORDION-FOLDED UNDERLAY Solid TM. The brand name of this product "ACCORDION" is patented in Russia.

TM Solid underlay not only:

- guarantees even surface

- provides the needed insulation from noise, moisture and temperature extremes

- ensures loads resistance and air circulation, but also offers significant competitive advantages due to its exclusive consumer properties, such as speed and ease of installation because all sheets of underlay are already fastened together!

When purchasing laminated floors or parquet board the buyer often does not think about the fact that the microclmate in the lifetime of the floor covering depend on the underlay he chooses. "Solid" manufactures underlay on special equipment that requires significant investments, and it is intended only for the manufacturing of underlay for laminate.

This equipment allows us to guarantee the consumer the stability of thickness and geometric dimensions as well as high density of our underlay.

Due to its consistently high performance properties the underlay of Solid TM prolongs the lifetime of the parquet board and laminate.

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